Short and Practical Knowledge About Turkish Money Currency

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Turkish Currency

  • Turkish currency is called Turkish Lira. Shortly TRY, in Turkey known as TL.
  • It was deleted 3 zeros from Turkish lira after 1 January 2005.
  • For example, after that date 25,000 Turkish Lira was turned into 25 Turkish Lira.
  • Many have zero "famous" millionaire money is not used for 10 years
  • After this change, "kuruş" (like "penny" and "cent") was introduced for small units.
  • 100 kuruş is equal to 1 Turkish Lira.

There are currently 5 kind of coins as kuruş.

1 Kuruş (not widely used)
5 Kuruş (smallest used currency unit)
10 Kuruş
25 Kuruş
50 Kuruş

There are currently 1 kind of coins after kuruş:

1 Lira

Greater than 1 lira coin, banknotes were printed in the paper, respectively:

5 lira (Beş Lira)
10 lira (On Lira)
20 lira (Yirmi Lira)
50 lira (Elli Lira)
100 lira (Yüz Lira)
200 lira (İki Yüz Lira)

In Istanbul, word "Lira" is commonly used after numbers.

To see how many Turkish Lira you get for each 1 USD, please click on the universal Currency Calculator (Converter) which enables you to make currency conversions on actual rates.

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