Who is Serhat Bedük?

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(Serhat) Bedük (b. 20 April 1983, Ankara) mixes his own style and groove with the mainstream dance floor patterns in a unique, outstanding way merging with his strong catchy tunes and easy going well-arranged lyrics.

Serhat Bedük does all the lyrics, music, arrangement, recording, mixing, back vocals and plays all the instruments in this album. He is a one of a kind out breaking genius that records all his albums as a “one man show.”

On the stage, he appears with his 5 member band playing completely live. great music being made in Turkey today.


  • Nefes Almak Zor (2004)
  • Even Better (2007)
  • Dance Revolution (2008)
  • Go (2010)
  • Ful (2011)
  • Overload (2013)
  • On (2013)
  • Bi Dans Etsek (2015)

Music Videos

Year    Song        Director

2004    " Adam"    

2004    "Son Sigaramsın"   

2007    "My Woman"    Murad Küçük
2008    "Better Than My Baby"    Murad Küçük
2008    "Heartbreaker"    
2008    "Automatik"    Murad Küçük
2009    "Gel Aşka"    Murad Küçük
2009    "Too Shy"    
2010    "Electric Girl"    
Bertan Başaran
2010    "This Fire"    
Bertan Başaran
2011    "Ful Animasyon" Real 3D Music Video    Yalçın Kılıç
2012    "Disco Breaker" Html 5 İnteraktif    Walky-Talky
2013    Beatfreak    Tchane Okuyan
2013    It'a Riot    
Muammer Koçak
2013    Rock 'N' Roll Queen    Ekin Kazan
2013    Lose It All    Burak Aksoy
Koyver Kendini    Serhat Bedük
2014    Benim Gecem    Serhat Bedük


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